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Server Maintenance and Support

Extend the life of your server equipment with proactive maintenance services

TechSpace provides a comprehensive server maintenance and support services to ensures that your servers continue to operate at peak performance - even after manufacturers' warranty has expired. At TechSpace, we proactively monitor your server equipment to identify and resolve problems long before they result in a system outage.

Mitigate risks associated with server downtime

TechSpace's goal is to maximize server life and uptime, keeping your business running smoothly without interruption. We perform updates, maintenance and other checklist items on a routine basis on all of your servers to keep your servers up-to-date and protected against threats and outages.

The Key Benefits

  • Proactive monitoring of hardware and services
  • Software Updates and Patches
  • Security Reviews & Hardening
  • File Systems Maintenance
  • Backup Checks

Contact us today to find out how TechSpace can help you discover additional value from your server hardware with our server maintenance and support services.

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