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8 Steps Web Hosting Migration Guide

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Posted: 26 Sep, 2020
by: Liaw E.
Updated: 28 Sep, 2020
by: Liaw E.
  1. A week prior to migration, update existing server DNS records (A, MX, NS) Time-To-Live (TTL) to 300 seconds. A lower TTL value will help reroute traffic to the new server faster during the migration process by flushing out old DNS cache entries (note down the original TTL value as you will need to revert the value  post-migration).
  2. Schedule a migration date/time with your web hosting provider and notify all mail users about the migration.
  3. Backup all your data
  4. Your new web hosting company normally will assist you with the migration. If you are performing the migration by yourself using WHM/cPanel server management software, you can refer to this guide.
  5. Verify that all data (files, applications, databases, sub-domain, add-on domains) has been successfully transferred to the new server.
  6. Update your domain’s authoritative nameserver (NS) record to point to the new server (eg., if you have followed step 1 to adjust DNS records TTL to 300 second, reroute of traffic to the new server will only take 5 minutes.
  7. Once the DNS records resolves, you can go ahead to suspend the old web hosting account. At this point, all traffic will be directed to the new server.
  8. Reset DNS records TTL back to the original values on the new server and terminate the old hosting account.