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Improve your password strength to prevent easy hacking

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Posted: 10 Sep, 2016
by: Liaw E.
Updated: 11 Sep, 2016
by: Liaw E.

An article posted by Troy Hunt provide insights to the importance of choosing a strong password. According to Troy who analysed the Sony breaches in 2011, he found a number of pretty shoddy practices:

  1. 93% were between 6 and 10 characters long
  2. 45% were comprised entirely of lowercase characters
  3. 36% were found in a common password dictionary
  4. 67% were reused by the same person on a totally unrelated service (Gawker)
  5. Only 1% of them contained a non-alphanumeric character

When selecting a password, avoid making the above mistake to better protect your data.

You can find out more information via this link:

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