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document Reset a Windows 10 password
Boot from the Windows 10 DVD. Make sure that your PC setup is configured to boot from a DVD and that UEFI and Secure Boot are disabled. Boot...
22 May, 2016
document How to Fix Windows Update When It Gets Stuck
Windows Update is supposed to work silently in the background, but it may refuse to continue if it cant install an individual update. ...
29 Dec, 2016
document 10 Useful Windows Commands You Should Know.
ipconfig Quickly Find Your IP Address      You can find your IP address from the Control Panel, but this takes quite a few...
09 Jul, 2017
document 4 ways to set auto shutdown in Windows 10.
4 ways to set auto shutdown in Windows 10. Way 1: Set auto shutdown via Run. Show Run by Windows+R, type shutdown s t...
09 Jul, 2017