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document Microsoft : Autodiscover Service
Autodiscover service The Autodiscover service makes it easier to configure Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2013 and some mobile phones....
30 Apr, 2016
document 550 Relay Not Permitted error message when sending mail
As with many errors, there may be a number of causes behind a '550 Relay Not Permitted' error. Here are some common ones: You're trying to...
14 Sep, 2016
document How to access cPanel
How to access cPanel To access cPanel, enter one of the following URLs in your preferred browser: â€”...
30 Apr, 2016
document Import contacts from Google Gmail to Outlook
These instructions assume you've already your contacts from Google to a .csv file. Now you're ready to import them. At the top of your...
12 Apr, 2016
document Access webmail from the cPanel interface
To access Webmail from the cPanel interface, either click the Webmail icon in the Mail section of the...
30 Apr, 2016
document How to use SSH to log in to the command line
Many system administration tasks and some website administration tasks require that you access the server from the command line interface (CLI). For...
30 Apr, 2016
document How to Configure Mail Filters
Email filters use the criteria that you specify to determine how to handle email messages. The following cPanel interfaces allow you to configure...
30 Apr, 2016
document cPanel & WHM service URLs
cPanel & WHM service URLs A cPanel & WHM service URL contains four...
30 Apr, 2016
document How to Create a Spam Email Filter
You can create an email filter that sorts and redirects incoming spam. This is useful if, for example, your hosting provider has not included Apache...
30 Apr, 2016
document How to Configure the Apache SpamAssassin Report_Safe Option
Overview The Apache SpamAssassin™ Report_Safe option allows you to modify how Apache SpamAssassin alerts email recipients that an...
30 Apr, 2016