• Google GSuite

Google G Suite

G Suite is a powerful all-in-one cloud-based enterprise productivity tool that allows your company to seamlessly connect with each other, access essential data, create, collaborate and control.

Key Features of G Suite

  • 99.9% uptime on your emails and data backups with Gmail. Have centralized management of your company’s emails.
  • Meet your team or clients, anytime, anywhere with Google Meet. With screen sharing and video conferences that could accommodate up to 100 people, this feature of G Suite is essential to company’s looking to work internationally.
  • Google Drive gives your company a wide array of tools such as cloud storage, docs, sheets and presentation tools. The ability to access these tools on any device allows for an integrated, smooth experience, allowing your employees to work comfortably.
  • Real-time collaboration with unlimited allowance for versions allows for your company to collaborate easily with each other.

With its reliable real time collaboration, meeting and cloud storage tools, G Suite is a quintessential tool for companies looking to work together remotely and reliably.

Looking to migrate your crucial business data onto G-Suite? Leave IT to us to help you do it efficiently and effectively.

Our IT experts at TechSpace are your go-to IT support partners that you can turn to when it comes to migration and maintenance needs.

Migrating your current system into G-Suite will require time and effort. By acquiring our services, you will be able to save on resources spent to migrate, implement and maintain your business’s data.

At TechSpace, our promise is to provide customer service experience of the highest quality. Our goal is to help you smoothly integrate into G-suite with close to zero down time and disruption, while maintaining the highest level of support by delivering almost instant responses to your queries and maintenance related issues. All this, while ensuring that your data is securely transferred and stored onto G suite. This saves your company valuable resources, allowing them to be used optimally in other aspects of your core business.

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